April 2021

Special events throughout the year are always a good starting point for reviving memories for all of us and Easter is no exception.

Many traditions based around this festival are inevitably centred on the church and the Easter story, and sadly this year our celebrations will be curtailed. However, we can cast our minds back to the time when as children we made an Easter garden on a tray and attended special church services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Perhaps you were involved in community events such as attending a ‘sunrise service’, ‘egg rolling’, egg decorating, Easter egg hunts or creating an Easter bonnet! Maybe you made Easter cards at school or bought some like the ones shown below.

We will all have celebrated Easter in some way and many traditions still continue in villages across Cornwall, or perhaps within families.

Needless to say, as with many celebrations it’s food which continues to be the main source of our communal festivities – hot cross buns, chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies spring to mind, but let’s not forget the tradition of boiled eggs for breakfast on Easter morning, roast lamb for lunch, Easter biscuits and simnel cake – a fruit cake decorated with eleven marzipan balls representing eleven of the twelve apostles – minus Judas, of course.

Whatever your recollections of Easters gone by, we hope you enjoy this year’s celebrations as we look forward to Springtime which is now well on its way!