June 2020

Over the past months we have received numerous offers of reduced prices on cruises, tours and holiday deals.  Sadly we have seen many local and national businesses crumble due to the coronavirus pandemic and the likelihood of us having a holiday this year seems highly unlikely.

So, in true Memory Cafe style, we have decided to focus on what we have had and look back on how things used to be! Even though it seems as if we’ve had an enforced holiday at home here are some photographs of holiday experiences over the years to stir up some memories.

(click to enlarge)

Where did you go for your holidays and how did you get there?

What did you do during your holiday to make it special?

Did you stay with relatives, at a bed and breakfast, a hotel, a campsite or somewhere else?

What did you wear? What was the best holiday you’ve ever had?

We’re missing meeting everyone at the Memory Cafe and look forward to getting together again before too long.