September 2019

We always aim to give our visitors some special moments during the afternoon, but this month we went one stage further and gave them some ‘magic moments’!  This was the theme of the afternoon’s word-search puzzle, and our table ‘brain teasers’ also included a quiz based around famous magicians and the world of magic!

Our display was themed around ‘The Magic of Books’ and included autograph books, a miniature bible, scrapbooks, recipe books and books given as prizes for school work and success at an Eisteddfod, as well as favourite or special books brought along by our guests and helpers. As usual the display stimulated much interest and discussion and formed a talking point throughout the rest of the afternoon.  A book-based quiz which included exploring the display meant that everyone had time for a really close look.
A recording of Perry Como singing ‘Magic Moments’ then set the scene as David introduced us to our guest entertainer, magician ‘Xander Cards’ who circulated around the tables amusing and confusing everyone with his magical close-up card tricks. Everyone was fascinated by Xander’s amazing feats using just a pack of playing cards.  Although he was only inches away it was impossible to tell how he managed to name a card selected by a memory cafe member, or to produce from his wallet a card which one of us had just slipped into a pack on the table. Further tricks using a Rubik’s Cube took our breath away!
Before we knew it, teatime had arrived and as usual everyone tucked in. There was chance for all to chat about Xander’s mysterious tricks and how on earth he did them – it had to be magic!!
After tea our guest provided further entertainment and amazement as he presented more tricks to the entire room and had us all in rapt attention.
Finally David gave out the answers to the quizzes - everyone proved to be very knowledgeable about book titles and authors, and had obviously thoroughly enjoyed perusing the books on display which brought back many memories.
Many thanks were given to Xander for a very different and entertaining afternoon and we left for home determined to search for a pack of cards and have a go for ourselves!  We will report back about our success, or otherwise, when we meet again on 16th September at Crantock Village Hall from 2pm – 4pm. New members are always welcome, and should you require further information please contact Di on 01637 830544, Joan on 01637 831347 or visit our website at