December 2019 Extra

Christmas was approaching fast when we opened the doors for our second December cafe, so there was nothing for it but to have a bit of a party!  The tables were looking festive with sparkling decorations and a beautiful wall hanging made by one of our wonderful volunteers set off a display of trees, candles and Christmas books. The room was soon buzzing with friendly chatter and on the tables there were word puzzles and copies of the ‘Sparkle’ reminiscence magazine, sponsored by the Bowgie Inn,  to look through. With seasonal music gently playing in the background the room soon had a real Christmas atmosphere!

 David then introduced Nigel Skews from Falmouth who had come along to entertain us for the first part of the afternoon. Nigel’s smiling face and great voice soon had everyone singing along to a selection of popular songs and well known Christmas carols which we all enjoyed.
As the performance drew to a close we could see that our refreshments team, together with the wonderful local bakers who provide us with cakes and savouries had laid out a festive feast for everyone to enjoy! There was time to pull a cracker, laugh at the corny jokes inside and tuck in to a delicious spread and, of course a much needed cuppa!
 After an extended tea everyone was delighted to receive a small gift and card from the Memory Cafe team. As the afternoon drew to a close, David thanked our visiting musician and merry seasonal wishes were exchanged before everyone set off for home, looking forward to the first memory cafe of 2020 on January 6th.
As we begin our seventh year we would like to say a big ‘thankyou’ to all our friends and supporters and we wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. New guests are always welcome and should you need more information ring David on 01637 830617, Di on 01637 830544 or visit our website:

December 2019

Although there were still three weeks to go before Christmas, visitors to the Memory Cafe were delighted to be greeted by a Christmas tree and a room beautifully decorated by the Village Hall Committee! We were pleased to welcome some new friends as well as familiar faces and after time to settle in with a friendly chat or a look at a ‘December Days!’ word puzzle, David introduced our friend Margaret from Camelford. This talented lady visits us a couple of times a year to give everyone a chance to have a go at practical or craft-based activities.
This time Margaret showed us how to make unusual angel decorations using old paperback books – after showing everyone examples of what we were going to make and giving a demonstration, she soon had us folding and gluing.  Quite a few of us were ‘all fingers and thumbs’ to start with, but after a bit of practice and the help of volunteers we soon got the knack, and the results were quite impressive.

During our break for tea, after admiring our handiwork, there was time to look at a display of even more intricate works made of paper and card in the form of some wonderful three-dimensional books and cards. These fascinating creations caused a lot of interest and amusement, and brought back memories of the magic of pop-up books when we were young!
 As cups and saucers were cleared away we greeted our friends ‘Cameo’ from St Columb Minor who, dressed in seasonal attire, entertained us with Christmas songs old and new and a range of Christmas verses taking us from what to do with the left-over turkey to the true meaning of the Christmas story!
 David thanked our visitors for an action-packed time and after an enjoyable afternoon everyone gathered up their Christmas angels before setting off for home. We look forward to meeting up again for our final Cafe of 2019 on December 16th at Crantock Village Hall from 2pm.

November 2019 Extra

For their second November opening, visitors to the Memory Cafe welcomed back the well-known environmentalist, photographer and author David Chapman.  Dressed in one of his famous woolly jumpers David’s presentation was based around his latest book ‘Where to Watch Wildlife in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly’. David’s photographs focussed on some of the many rare flora and fauna to be found in our beautiful county, and some of the changes he has been aware of over the last twelve years – for better and for worse! If David’s wonderful slide-show and talk are anything to go by, this volume, which is hot off the press, will be a fascinating read and make an excellent Christmas present for anyone with an interest in the wonderful Cornish sea and landscape.
Following a delicious tea served by our friendly refreshments’  volunteers there was a chance to peruse a selection of David’s publications, or to have a look at an amazing range of board and table games on our ‘Games are Fun!’ display.  In addition to playing cards, draughts, ludo and dominoes, there were such familiar games as ‘Snakes and Ladders’, Happy Families, Snap, Connect 4 and Fishing.

As tea-time drew to a close there was a chance to choose a game and have a go, or time to have a chat with friends around the table.
After a most interesting and entertaining afternoon we look forward to meeting up again on December 2nd at Crantock Village Hall from 2pm – 4pm. New members with their carers are always welcome, and should you require further information please contact Di on 01637 830544 or David on 01637 830617.

November 2019

On November 4th visitors to the Memory Cafe were invited to take a trip through the centuries! Following time to settle in and have a look at some word puzzles, we were delighted to welcome members of the Trerice House Tudor Costume group.  Dressed in sixteenth century costumes, the ladies made quite an entrance and we knew we were in for a very special afternoon. Each lady entered the room dressed in the costume of a different social class – from lowly kitchen maid through to the lady of the manor.
Co-ordinator Jo Wood explained that this talented group of volunteers began working at the National Trust property in 2010. Using brasses and paintings from the Tudor period they recreate costumes of the period using natural fabrics and contemporary techniques – no sewing machines and certainly no zips or velcro!
Throughout the summer season, on Costume Days, visitors to Trerice have the chance to try on some of the clothes and to learn about the history of dress during the Tudor period and we were thrilled that they were able to come along and give us all the same opportunity.  It was great fun trying on hats, ruffs, coats, dresses, pantaloons and even a jester’s outfit! We were amazed by the skills and knowledge of this group. The display of other beautifully embroidered caps and gloves, babies’ swaddling clothes, leather purses, jewellery and more was fascinating and everyone spent time having a thorough look at it all.

To round off their presentation the ladies performed a stately Tudor dance to authentic sixteenth century music, and of course they received a warm round of applause.
Teatime gave everyone a chance to chat with each other and our Tudor guests before David introduced us to a fascinating display. Having learnt about fabrics used in the sixteenth century our exhibition looked at some of the wide range of materials we use in our lives today and how they have changed over the years. Thought-provoking questions invited everyone to consider items made of wood, stone, clay, glass and metal as well as today’s more familiar materials – plastic, polyester and nylon – quite a contentious issue!
There were many items, large and small, to interest everyone including a python’s snake skin, decorative work in copper and brass, household items and a wide selection of fabrics for walls, floors, curtains and clothes.
After a most interesting and entertaining afternoon we look forward to meeting up again on November 18th and December 2nd at Crantock Village Hall from 2pm – 4pm. New members with their carers are always welcome, and should you require further information please contact Di on 01637 830544, David on 01637 830617 or visit our website at

October 2019 Extra

Autumn was in the air as visitors arrived for our second October cafe.  Our guests were greeted by an atmospheric display of seasonal colours in leaves, nuts, berries and fruits, along with lovely books, illustrations and features such as corn dollies and pumpkins to re-awaken memories of Autumn past and present – there was even a squirrel and a hedgehog!

Our entertainers for the afternoon were the 'Kelsey Singers', and puzzles on the tables reflected both aspects of our afternoon with a word grid based around the letters of ‘harvest’ and a wordsearch using words from some of the Kelsey Singers’ songs! David welcomed the singers and we were soon enjoying a wide range of songs, old and new, interspersed with some amusing jokes and Cornish readings. A delightful piano solo and a tuneful rendition by one of the gentlemen in the choir added to a very enjoyable performance. The choir gave us plenty of opportunities to join in with familiar songs and the challenge to count the number of films included in an amusing number called ‘Usherette Blues’ (there were 25!).
A break for afternoon tea gave everyone the chance to stretch their legs, chat, complete the puzzles and have a closer look at the display, before it was ‘eyes down’ for a traditional game of bingo.  Altogether it was a very relaxed and enjoyable afternoon which put smiles on everyone’s faces.
We look forward to meeting up again in two weeks times on November 4th at Crantock Village Hall from 2pm – 4pm. New members with their carers are always welcome, and should you require further information please contact Di on 01637 830544, David on 01637 830617 or visit our website at

October 2019

It was ‘back to school’ at the first of our October memory cafes!  Visitors arrived to find a ‘schooldays’ wordsearch and ‘playground’ word grid, plus a first chance to have a look at a fascinating display which took them back to many aspects of school life.  Items on show included a lift-top desk (complete with inkwell and dip pen), blackboard and easel with chalks and board rubber, a satchel, exercise books, early readers, school reports and photos and much more.  As the theme had been announced at our previous cafe there were also items brought in by our helpers and guests – a number of school photographs of some very demure and innocent boys and girls it was hard to identify, as well as a revealing page from the ‘punishment book’ of a local school in the early 1900s!
Before we fully explored our theme, David rang the school bell to get everyone’s attention and was delighted to welcome The ‘Imerys Songsters’ from the St Austell area. This talented group of ladies entertained us with a selection of songs from musicals with which we were familiar - ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘Mary Poppins’, ‘The Lion King’,‘Chess’ and many more, as well as some evergreen ‘standards’. They soon had us clapping and singing along and interspersed their items with some amusing Cornish poems by David Prowse.

We knew teatime was approaching when the tea trolley was heard rattling down the corridor and, as usual, everyone tucked in to a delicious selection of savouries, cakes and jam and cream scones with a welcome cup of tea.
David then introduced our ‘schooldays’ theme by reading ‘The Teacher’, a poem by the well-known retired school inspector Gervase Phinn. We all had a chuckle before there was time to have a closer look and handle items on our display.
Of course, memories of everyone’s school experiences came flooding back and many stories of school life were exchanged. There was the opportunity to sit at the school desk and write with a dip pen and ink, whilst one of our guests recalled learning to write on a slate. We talked of school uniforms, favourite subjects and teachers, and compared school life today with that of half a century ago – this was very thought-provoking!
As the afternoon drew to a close thanks were given to everyone who contributed to a lively and stimulating afternoon and we set off for home, not with homework, but with much to think about!
We look forward to meeting up again on Monday 21st October at Crantock Village Hall from 2pm – 4pm. New members with their carers are always welcome, and should you require further information please contact Di on 01637 830544, David on 01637 830617 or visit our website at