August 2018

Our first August café had an intriguing theme of ‘Women’s World’. Our guests were greeted with a word-search based on ‘The Females of the Species’ and a quiz inviting them to name the feminine version of well-known nouns. Sounds complicated? Not really – for example, duke and ?, husband and ? Now you get the idea! As usual the tables were full and there was time to catch up with friends for a chat or to compare notes on the answers to the puzzles.
There was an interactive display relating to the ‘Suffragette’ movement and how women (or some at least) were finally given the right to vote a hundred years ago. In addition there were conversation-starting questions, photos and articles exploring how women have shaped the world and the role that strong women have played in our lives – from politicians and queens to mothers and grandmothers – all very thought provoking!  The display table was dressed in the suffragette colours of purple, green and white and this was matched by the colours in the floral decorations on each of our tables.

We then welcomed back ‘Cameo’ from St Columb Minor and were entertained and amused as usual by a cheery selection of songs, poems and stories. Many of the songs related to women or girls, or had originally been performed by female artistes – Vera Lynn, Alma Cogan, Marilyn Monroe, The Beverley Sisters and many more.  Everyone enjoyed joining in the choruses and it was impressive how we remembered the words.
After a reviving cup of tea and some tasty refreshments everyone enjoyed a quiz involving listening to instrumental versions of songs with a girl’s name in their title – the challenge was to name the song – Matilda? Daisy? Peggy-Sue? We all had a good laugh and a chance to recall well-known tunes from earlier days!  Finally, a ‘Women in History’ quiz challenged us to name notable females who have impacted on our lives – Jane Austen, Florence Nightingale, Margaret Thatcher and many more. Clues were read out by Di and Margaret and chatting together in groups enabled us to puzzle most of them out!
David talked briefly about some of the many fascinating artifacts on the display table and thanks were given to our entertainers. All too soon, it was time to close the café once again and we look forward to our next meeting on 20th August at Crantock Village Hall. New members are always welcome, and should you require further information please contact Di on 01637 830544, Joan on 01637 831347 or visit our website at