November 2017

There was a ‘double bill’ of entertainment and interest for the many visitors to the Memory Cafe on November 6th. On arrival, there was a a chance to have a look at a fire-based display which comprised a selection of illustrations, each one involving the word ‘fire’ – but what were the words?

There was also a ‘Fire Safety Wordsearch’ and ‘Fireworks Alphabet Grid’ to tackle, before we welcomed Newquay’s own a capella group ‘Oll an Gwella’ who entertained us with their ever-popular songs and banter.

As usual the range of styles and songs performed by the group soon had everyone tapping their toes and joining in with much enthusiasm, even when we were doing the actions to a lively shanty! We were delighted that the members of ‘Oll an Gwella’ joined us for our homemade savouries, biscuits and cakes and mingled with our members around the room.

With winter approaching and colder days ahead, our theme of ‘fire’ led to the introduction of our second guest of the afternoon, Leigh-Anne Parfitt from the Cornwall Fire and Rescue service. With the aid of a power-point presentation, Leigh-Anne spoke about fire prevention in the home which was well received by our members and very thought-provoking. Leigh-Anne provided us with many practical tips to increase our personal safety and we appreciated the opportunity to arrange a free fire safety audit of our own homes.
There was time to ask questions and discuss matters arising from Leigh-Anne’s talk before the afternoon drew to a close. David thanked Leigh-Anne for an excellent presentation and then it was once again time to close up the cafe until we meet again at 2pm on Monday 20th November at Crantock Village Hall. Should you need further information please ring Di on 01637 830544 or Joan on 01637 831347.