April 2017 Extra

Visitors to Crantock Memory Cafe come from all walks of life and bring with them a wide range of interests and experiences. Consequently, in addition to providing a relaxing social afternoon with refreshments, we aim to provide a variety of amusing entertainments and interesting speakers who will relate to and engage our guests.
For our mid-April gathering we were delighted to welcome local resident Alastair Ross, retired Rear Admiral, whose memories and anecdotes of 35 years in the Royal Navy fascinated and amused us all, regardless of our varied personal backgrounds!

Alastair’s talk took the form of a selection of ‘snapshots’ of his naval career and ranged from his initial training at Dartmouth in 1965 through to his involvement in the Torrey Canyon disaster of 1967, the ‘Cod Wars’ with Iceland in 1976, voyages around the world as captain of HMS Falmouth (crossing the Equator no less than four times) rescuing refugees from South Vietnam as captain of HMS Edinburgh in 1988 and commanding a squadron of ships from eight different nations as part of ‘Operation Sharp Guard’ blockading Serbia in 1994.
The talk was both riveting and awe-inspiring, and was amply illustrated by numerous scrap-books of the exploits and expeditions in which Alastair has been involved in his naval career. Paintings and photographs of the ships on which he has served also brought the talk to life, and belied the modesty with which he told his story.

Thanks and warm applause were given to Alastair and his wife Judy for the time and effort they had given to presenting us with such an interesting afternoon.
Whilst we enjoyed our refreshments, there was time to chat, have a closer look at the scrap-books, or have a go at a maritime-themed wordsearch or a rather challenging quiz that Richard had devised.
Copies of our regular ‘Sparkle’ magazine were distributed and the afternoon concluded with an amusing variation of the game of ‘pictionary’ which gave the artists among us a chance to shine!

Crantock Memory Cafe is always pleased to welcome new members, with their carers, and should you need further information ring Di on 01637 830544 or Joan on 01637 831347. Our next meetings will be held at Crantock Village Hall on Monday 8th May and Monday 22nd May from 2pm – 4pm.