November 2016

We’re always delighted that our memory cafe is such an enjoyable and social occasion where friends old and new have a chance to relax, chat and share experiences and local news over a cup of tea and home-made refreshments. However, we aim to enhance those experiences with a theme which will add interest and entertainment, as well as stimulating thoughts and memories.
For our first cafe in November guests arriving at the cafe were quick to see that they were about to be transported into the world of holidays!  The room was colourfully decked with posters, bunting, books, maps and postcards of holiday destinations, and our ever-popular quizzes and word-searches on the theme were on the tables.

Our special guest, Veronica Gray, had a very particular holiday story to tell: as an experienced ‘tour guide,’ she spent a number of years escorting groups of visitors around the British Isles and further afield, and had a wealth of fascinating and often amusing tales to tell, along with historical and geographical detail about places she had seen.

The story she told was of her first ever experience as a guide, which involved escorting a large group of American visitors on a month-long trip encompassing Scotland, Wales, South East England and across the English Channel to Bologne – quite an expedition!  She held us all spellbound and amused with her stories as they visited towns and cities, castles and cathedrals – not to mention the hotels and hospitals! With the aid of maps and photographs – and even poetry – Veronica took us with her on her journey, and brought back many memories of our own travels and places we had visited or lived.

At the end of the afternoon thanks were given to Veronica and everyone left with plenty to think and talk about before our Memory Cafe Extra meeting in two weeks time on Monday 21st November at Crantock Village Hall from 2pm – 4pm.  Our Memory Cafe is an enjoyable way to meet and make friends, and new members are always welcome. We are open to anyone concerned about memory loss, with their carers, and should you need further information ring Di on 01637 830544 or Joan on 01637 831347.