September 2016

At our first cafe session in September we welcomed back ‘Cameo’, our musical friends from St Columb Minor who entertained us with a selection of ‘songs from the musicals’.

Everyone enjoyed the familiar melodies from ‘Oliver’, ‘Me and My Girl’ and ‘Oklahoma’ as well as a selection of songs from the 1940s. There were a couple of lovely solos besides three really amusing readings. Plenty of memories were stirred, and as usual there is nothing we like more than joining in with a chorus or two – even our ladies in the kitchen were dancing along to the ‘Lambeth Walk’!

Our theme for the afternoon was to continue thinking about compiling ‘memory boxes’ of our lives, and following on from last month’s talk of childhood, we moved on to the world of work. There was a word-search based on occupations, an A-Z of jobs to puzzle over and our table decorations included some interesting Cornish pottery figures illustrating different occupations which caused some interest and amusement.

After tea everyone enjoyed taking part in a trivia quiz on our working lives.  Having compared answers, we were able to metaphorically pat ourselves on the back for being so smart! This led into a discussion of our own working lives, and there was plenty to talk about! Saturday jobs, work in the home, interviews and career changes all came to light and everyone was encouraged to go home and see what artefacts, papers or photos we could find to remind us of these times and place in our own Memory Boxes.

Crantock Memory cafe is a great way to meet and make friends and to spend an interesting and entertaining afternoon. We look forward to opening again on Monday 19th September and Monday 3rd October.  New members are always welcome and we are open to anyone concerned about memory loss, with their carers.  For more information ring Di on 01637 830544 or Joan on 01637 831347.