October 2015 Extra

The theme of the Memory Café Extra meeting on October 19 was ‘Home Sweet Home’. Guests watched a reminiscence DVD showing scenes from domestic life in the 1950’s and 60’s. Those were the days of milk bottles delivered by friendly milkmen (hopefully not too friendly), kitchen mangles and launderettes. It was the beginning of the domestic revolution with the appearance of appliances such as twin tub washing machines, upright vacuum cleaners and steam irons. It was interesting to compare these with the ‘state of the art’ appliances of today. In reality not a lot has changed very much in 50 years. What has changed is the prevailing attitude to women who were depicted as spending much of their time doing housework and attending to the creature comforts of their men folk who mostly sat around smoking and grumbling. Now there is much less smoking!

The film was followed by a brief quiz to find out who had managed to stay awake. Then there was tea and home made cakes followed by a game of Dog Bingo. This is the same as Bird Bingo but uses pictures of familiar and obscure breeds of dog. It is considerably more challenging than Bird Bingo because few dogs have brightly coloured plumage with which to identify them. Nevertheless a good time was had by all and we look forward to the next Memory Café Extra session on November 21 which will be about the Music Hall and should be a lot of fun.