July 2015 extra

As a result of some temporary re-organisation, we’ve had two consecutive ‘Memory Cafe Extra’ meetings during the last four weeks. This has worked well, as we’ve been looking back at past decades through the use of old film footage and advertisements: the 1950s first, followed two weeks later by the ‘Swinging 60s’. We were fascinated by the way major news events were presented and amused by predictions of how technologies would develop by the 21st century!

It’s a good job we all listened carefully, as this was followed on by a quiz with multi-choice answers which was quite testing for everyone!  Never mind – a cup of tea and a slice of cake soon revived us and a chance to relax and have a chat brought us all back to the present.

During our 1950s cafe we had artefacts and books to bring back memories and in our 1960s cafe we spent a pleasant and amusing half hour playing a game of ‘Bird Bingo’ to round off the afternoon – a great way to identify and learn the names of some unfamiliar birds, as well as winning chocolates for a line or a ‘full house’, or should that be nest!

All in all two very pleasant and entertaining afternoons and our ‘Memory Cafe Extra’ numbers are growing with every meeting.