November 2021

Nothing brings back childhood memories like the changing of the seasons, and perhaps Autumn most of all!  Do you remember picking blackberries, collecting nuts and maybe ‘scrumping apples’?  Kicking through crunchy fallen leaves and making bonfires?

Perhaps you collected acorns and made tiny ‘furniture’ and ‘bowls’ out of the little cups or painted faces on the acorns themselves. Conkers were always good for a game in the playground, or with the aid of some pins and coloured wool made great doll’s house chairs!

As the evening draw in and temperatures drop it’s good to look back on the simple but happy Autumn days of our childhood. Perhaps this ‘Autumnal Memories’ wordsearch will remind you of past times.  It is made up of words (from the list below) that go mainly forward and backwards with an occasional twist!