July 2021

Do you recall those schooldays when you had a few minutes to spare at the end of a lesson and the teacher would decide to give the class a pencil and paper activity?  These could be games such as hangman, noughts and crosses, battleships and, more often than not, a spelling bee!  There is something challenging about having to find words within the long word and only using the letters in it.  I remember a common word used at school was chrysanthemum!

At the Memory CafĂ© we often have challenging activities to keep our brains active and to work alongside other people, so here is a spelling bee you might like to try! The word ‘pedestrian’ can make well over 50 words, but to give you a start here are clues of 20 words you can make from using letters found in PEDESTRIAN:

On a piece of paper write down all the words you (and other people) can make from PEDESTRIAN ?