May 2019 extra

It was a warm and sunny afternoon when our Memory Cafe opened its doors again for our mid-May meeting.  Guests arrived to find tables prepared with a word puzzle and a quiz, which are always popular, as well as the latest edition of ‘Sparkle’ magazine to peruse.  There was plenty of chatter, and sounds from the kitchen told us that the ‘refreshments team’ were already preparing afternoon tea for later!

Before that we had an interesting activity to enjoy.  Richard introduced Yvonne and Geoff who had come along to entertain us with their ‘story-telling’ skills. The friends, who belong to a story-telling club in Liskeard, took turns to engage us with a selection of interesting and amusing tales, some based around Cornish mines and mining whilst others were humorous ‘cautionary tales’ which had everyone laughing!  We were encouraged to become involved in the stories and the concentration was such that you could ‘hear a pin drop’ - most unusual at our cafe!

It was certainly a new experience for the Memory Cafe and a most enjoyable one.  We were delighted that Yvonne and Geoff were able to join us for tea and that they had time to chat with some of our members.

We were soon tucking into the usual delicious selection of sweet and savoury refreshments and as cups and plate were cleared away, Joan and Richard organised a game of ‘musical Bingo’ which is always popular and gives everyone a chance to exercise their vocal chords and show off their musical knowledge! With chocolates distributed as prizes no wonder we were all keen to join in!

As the cafe drew to a close Richard thanked our guests for an interesting and entertaining afternoon and revealed the answers to the quiz before we all set off back out into the sunshine.

We will be meeting again on Monday 3rd June and Monday 17th June at Crantock Village Hall. Anyone, who has a degree of memory loss, is welcome to come along with their carers, and should you require more information please contact Di on 01637 830544, or Joan on 01637 831347.

May 2019

On the 6th May we invited our members to ‘turn on and tune in’ for an afternoon of radio nostalgia!
We began with time to chat or have a go at a ‘Tuning into Newquay’ wordsearch, before David introduced Chris Blount, a well-known ‘local boy’ who worked for the BBC for many years and was a familiar voice on Radio Cornwall. He now broadcasts on Radio Newquay as well as writing a weekly article in the ‘Newquay Voice’. We also discovered that Chris is a train-driver at Lappa Valley Railway and a bard of the Cornish Gorsedd – a very busy chap!
Chris gave an interesting talk about his early life in Newquay and how his career in radio developed as a result of his grandad's love of the ‘wireless’. His acquisition of an early tape recorder gave him the opportunity to record the voices of interesting characters and events from Newquay's past, which brought back memories for those of us who grew up in or around the town, whilst giving an insight of earlier times to those who have come from other parts of the country.  Chris also recalled visiting Crantock as a boy, and of local families who manned the Gannel ferries and revived the interest in Cornish gig racing.
Everyone was fascinated by Chris’s talk, and we were reminded of the importance of recording our own memories for future generations to enjoy.
Revived by the usual delicious selection of home-made cakes and biscuits there was a chance to view a display relating to the early days of radios and radio broadcasting and to reminisce about our favourite radio programmes and stars of the past. There were also some early holiday souvenirs, guide books and illustrations of ‘Old Newquay’ to talk about. We were delighted that Chris joined us for tea and several guests took the opportunity to chat with him about their memories.

A quiz about ‘vintage’ radio programmes and their musical signature themes followed, and when the answers had been shared there was just time for a quick ‘singalong’ before we all set off for home once again.
We look forward to meeting up again from 2pm – 4pm on Monday 20th May and Monday 3rd June at Crantock Village Hall. New members, who have a degree of memory loss, are always welcome to come along with their carers, and should you require more information please contact Di on 01637 830544, Joan on 01637 831347 or see our website (